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quality standards

What are quality standards of LMS / LCMS ?

To be continued next time :-) please add comments in here if you have some

  • LCMS has to be easy to handle
  • LCMS has to be trustable and secure for personal data
  • ...

general evaluation

(documentation of the feedback in the presentation-round)


+ pretty easy and logical + made up columns good - to write a mail you have to do too many steps
- possibility for misusing (wrong name / account possible)
+ easy to get tasks done


- took a little while to start
+ tasks were ok to manage - feature to use blog but noone use it, does not seem personal, just technical


- does not went that easy, did not manage tasks done
- possible to send mail, but first to search user and to create mail account
- no outside mailaccount possible to use
- buttons were not easy to find
+ many possibilities + helpful to see what students do and not do + / - depends on the role you have to see specific content

other examples of using LMS / LCMS

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